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jo 戎嶋

stunning picture!

I am really enjoying seeing what you are up to!
I have left you a bit of something over at my place...



Gorgeous photo--puts my flight photos to shame, methinks.


You mean, Great Lakes as in US of A? (or are there Great Lakes in Japan as well?) I'll wave when you fly overhead. Hope you are having a great summer, even without fancy food. (well, it looked fancy to me)


What a gorgeous photo! I took some much worse ones a couple of days ago as we drove home from Izu, so I was really struck by how lovely yours was.
Fuji-san is terribly elusive when one is in the picture mood, I find. I'd forgotten how part of it was in Shizuoka until it was staring me in the face. Although every time I'm going by on the Shinkansen with family members from abroad it is nowhere to be found. *sigh*


"And I'm sure I won't be able to recognise a thing until I get to the Great Lakes."

I just flew Tokyo-Toronto on Air Canada; even when we got to the Great Lakes, I didn't recognize them.. By that time we were flying too low to really get an overall view of anything as big as the Lakes.


I'll add myself to the list. It's a great shot. Perhaps I can get a similar one of Mt. Daisen someday?


You captured such beauty from the air!!!


You captured such beauty from the air- Nice photos, great blog!

McAlpine McTojo

What an awesome photo !


I would like to make a clip for my friend who has got very sick and place it on YouTube so that he can watch it. Can I include your photo (109 Inokashira Sky) in the clup? Thanks in advance.


Wow! One of the best aerial photos I have ever seen! Hands down!


Fabulous photo!


Thanks for all of the comments!

Thank you for the award, Jo!

Vicki, my parents think Fuji is a figment of Japan's collective imagination, as my numerous attempts to show it to them (the shinkansen to Osaka, lunch at the Park Hyatt, a 2 day trip to Hakone, etc) failed completely.

Drew, you're right, I didn't recognise a thing until I saw Toronto.

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